The Schaefer Brothers

Two brothers. 3rd generation builders. One vision: To create the most finely crafted and luxurious homes on the planet. For the past 20 years, Mark and Dan Schaefer have been turning that dream into a reality.

The Landmark Signature

When you walk up, and then into, a Landmark property you enter a world of wonder. Where an old-fashioned work ethic translates into flawless, exquisite workmanship. Where attention to the most minute of details is given the highest priority. Where the finished home is home to unrivaled artistry and craft, and whose very foundation is built around a close relationship with our customers.

The Landmark Home

A Landmark custom, spec or renovated home isn’t everything to everyone. It’s everything to a select few. For those discerning individuals who appreciate the very best life has to offer, we invite you to create a dialogue with us.